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How it works

Today we’re going to learn about holidays.

Find an activity

What are you teaching today? Find an activity to practice today's lesson.

Activities are organised by grammar, vocabulary, function, and level. Search or browse your way to what you need.

Write down 3 places you want to go.

Start your class

Tell your students to turn on their phones. Or their iPads. Or take them to the computer room. Whatever device you decide to use, make sure they're connected to the internet and tell them where to go.

Your activity can be full of pre-loaded language, from you, or one of our libraries. Or, if you really want a dynamic class, students provide the input too!

Do you want to go to Italy?


They talk in pairs. Or in groups. Just like they would in a class without technology. Students can write in their notebooks or they can write onto whatever device they're using. Students can view each others' work and even give their opinion.

What was the most popular place in the class?


Live feedback comes straight back to you. What words are students struggling with? Do they agree with each other's answers? Who needs extra help? Are students practicing the language you've taught them?